Student Orientation Sessions

    StudentsStudents at Pathfinder participated in three orientation sessions to prepare for the roll-out of their laptop. You can review these sessions here. Click on the session link and then click on the image that opens to start the video.

    Session One: Care of laptop, meeting the tech department, using the laptop bag, preserving battery life, tour of outside ports, using the trackpad and airport, using icons on the top menu bar, using a flash drive or CD.

    Session Two: Cleaning the screen, learning about the finder, learning about finder views, previewing with the space bar, learning about the Dock preferences and shortcuts, logging into goliath, using the shortcut folders to Applications, Documents, and Downloads, closing programs, and using mouse gestures.

    Session Three: Saving to Goliath, making and deleting folders on Goliath, renaming files, accessing Goliath from home, changing display preferences, and digital citizenship and responsibilities.


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