Liability Agreement: 2

    The undersigned acknowledges receipt of an Apple MacBook computer,

    Asset tag number ___________________________________________.

    (Choose one of the following plans)

    PLAN A
    The undersigned acknowledges responsibility for the computer’s safekeeping and that loss of or damage to the computer will require the payment of a $250 deductible per incident payable to the Pinckney Community Schools. Loss of the computer will require that the responsible party file a report of loss and/or theft with the local law enforcement agency. Damage to the computer must be reported promptly in writing to the school office.

    _____________________________ ______________________________
    Parent/Guardian Student


    PLAN B
    I, the undersigned, wish to limit liability in the event of loss of or damage to the issued computer. I wish to take advantage of the District’s self-insurance policy by making a annual, non-refundable payment of $50.00 to the insurance pool. I understand that this payment will eliminate my responsibility for loss or damage (except as a result of negligence or abuse) to the issued computer.

    I further understand that a second incident of loss or damage to the computer may result in the suspension of the privilege to have full access to the computer and my use of a district-issued computer will be limited to hours in which school is in session.

    _____________________________ ______________________________
    Parent/Guardian Student


    Office Use Only

    Amount Received _____________ Date ___________________
    Received by _______________


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