F.A.Q. about MacBook laptops: 12

To ask a question, please send an email to faq@pinckneyschools.org.

Q1. Can I install games that I own on my laptop?

A1. Yes! You are allowed to install licensed software on your laptop, with the understanding that you may be asked to produce proof of your license at any time. PROCEED WITH CAUTION! Please understand that our technology staff cannot support the software that you install on your computer. If the computer stops working properly after you install software, our staff will "re-image" your laptop to it's original state. That means that the hard drive is erased and rebuilt with the software it had on it when you first got your computer. All of your settings and any files you have created on the computer will be gone.

Q2. Can I install "Skype" on my laptop?

A2. Skype is not installed or supported by the district, but Pathfinder and New Tech students are allowed to install and use Skype. Warning: Please work with an adult when installing Skype. There are privacy settings that allow or block strangers from contacting you. Please use caution and think carefully about how you set up your account.

Q3. Can I remove "Skype" from my laptop?

A3. Yes. We do not support Skype, but we do not block it. As stated above, students are allowed to install Skype if they choose to install it.

Q4. Can I install "Windows" on my laptop?

A4. At present the answer is "No." We have added to our list of "things-to-do," the work of determining if there is a way to install Windows® in a virtual environment in a way that:

A. Will not violate the Children's Internet Protection Act by disabling our content filters.

B. Will not remove any of the installed Macintosh applications.

C. Will not expose our network to Windows virus threats.

D. Will adhere to the software licensing laws.

E. Will not add to the existing work load of our technical staff. One of the reasons the Macintosh OS was selected was because of it's low level of required technical support.

We have already determined that a "Boot Camp" Installation of Windows® disables our content filters. We are now investigating whether VirtualBox, Parallels®, or VMware® could be used to create a content-safe Windows® environment. We will keep this FAQ updated with our progress.


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